PC #80: Chichén Itzá and Palenque, México

A wonderful card showing El Castillo (The Palace) located at Zona Archaeologica de Chichen Itza, Estado de Yucatan, Mexico and El Templo de las “Inscripciones” y el “Palacio” (The “Inscriptions” temple and the “Palace”) at the Zona Archaeologica de Palenque, Estado de Chiapas, Mexico. These two ‘pyramids’ were built by the mysterious Mayans. My friend Daniel said some people think the pyramids were built by aliens. Lol. The Chichén Itzá was voted as a new world wonder in 2007 and is one of the most famous places in Mexico, according to Daniel.

The pre-Hispanic city and National Park of Palenque and the pre-Hispanic city of Chichen Itza are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Chichen Itza & Palenque, Mexico

The stamp used is a Creacionpopular issue, the Guaje de Plata (Silver Gauge) from the Coleccion Museo de Arte Popular.

My first postcard from Mexico! Thanks, elfdelao! 🙂


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