PC #83: Korbach, Germany

I like this postcard from Catty412, it has inscriptions to be translated in English. Yey! Alright, the card is entitled Tausendjähriges KORBACH (Millenial Korbach.. the town celebrating its 1000 years of existence, if I’m not mistaken).

Ferien-, Freizeit- und Einkaufsziel Ehemals Hansestadt, Hauptstadt des Waldecker Landes, 980 erstmals als Königshof erwähnt. (OMG, Germans needed here now! ^^) Basically, it means that the town is a leisure and shopping destination.. It’s a former Hanseatic city, capital of the Waldecker Land, and was first mentioned as a (Royal) Court.

Gotische Hallenkirchen in Alt- und Neustadt, Lagerhauser aus der Hansezeit, Marketplatz mit Pranger, doppelter Stadtmauerring, Rathaus von 1377 mit Roland, viele Fachwerkhauser. So you’ll find Gothic hall churches in Old and New Town, warehouses of the Hanseatic period, Marketplace, double City Wall, the City Hall in 1377 to Roland, and many timbered houses.

Hanseatic means the members of the upperclass of the free imperial cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck since the middle of the 17th century after the Hanseatic League (a trading alliance in northern Europe, 13th-17th century). Very interesting details about the town of Korbach can be found in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korbach

Oh, I almost forgot.. here’s the card:


I’m happy Catty412 tagged me. Here are the nice stamps she used: one of the famous Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) in Berlin, and the other of a Gartenrose (garden rose).


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