Little Prince bookmark from Italy

No doubt, the Little Prince is one of the best selling novella of all time! I would want a copy for myself as well! I’ve read the book four years ago and found it as a nice piece of literature. Some may say it’s a bit childish, but reading beyond the lines, one may realize the text is actually profound and meaningful.

Le Petit Prince is the most famous novella of French aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. First published in 1943, it was then became a hit and translated to many languages. Indeed a ‘quotable’ book! ^^

Luckily, I won Zsuzsanna (budapestgirl1974) ‘s Little Prince bookmark lottery. The Little Prince is Il Piccolo Principe in Italian. ^^ Thanks, Zsuzsanna!

Il Piccolo Principe bookmark: my prize (hurray!)

Zsuzsanna used a very interesting stamp of Joe Petrosino (1860-1909). Lt. Petrosino was sent by the New York City Police Department to Sicily in Italy to gather pieces of evidence against the mafia group in order to shut them down for good. He organized the Italian Squad (vs Italian mafia in New York City), which was responsible for decreased Italian mafia crime by fifty percent. He was killed by the mafia in Italy and thousands of people attended his funeral. More information can be found on this site:


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