PC #97: The Houses of Parliament – London

Themed Messages RR- The RR for people who love to write more than just “Many greetings… ” on the postcard.

Clarissawam sent this very nice view card of the Houses of Parliament in London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Decision-making is being done in two places: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The building you see is called the Westminster Hall/Palace.. and just beside it is the famous 96-meter high Big Ben tower.

Clarissawam defined love as ” just a chemical reaction in the brain that makes us infatuated with someone so we find their flaws more bearable (and have lots of babies)”. Lol. Very true! But idealistic as I am, I believe love has also the mysterious effect (it moves in mysterious ways, right), something beyond the understanding of the human mind.

The Houses of Parliament – London

Can someone from the UK tell me whose royal bust is displayed in the stamp used? ^^ Many thanks, Clarissa, for this card.


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