PC #96: St. Teresa Church, China

An impressive interior of a Catholic Church in Beijing, China– the St. Therese Church built in 1923. This postcard was sent to me by Qusia. Accdg to Wikipedia, Roman Catholic European missionaries was first sent to China in the 13th century.

I’m having a difficulty with the mixing of religions right now. I’m a Roman Catholic, very happy about it. So sometimes, I get annoyed when other religions/beliefs penetrate my religion. I am not a fundamentalist, I appreciate learning about other beliefs but not to the point that everyone around me seems to enjoy practicing a mixture of religion. Weird. Confusing. So I’m off to China Town in Manila very soon to see what it’s like in a.. Chinese town. And hopefully I’ll learn something more. Lol. ^^

St. Therese Church in China

Impressed more with the stamps used by Qusia! Errr.. I wish I could read and write Chinese (I know it’ll take ages before I’ll be able to understand the language). Here are the stamps: a nature-related one, a father and son, and children playing/getting sap from a tree. ^^


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