PC #98: Sweet cupcake from the USA

Themed Messages RR- The RR for people who love to write more than just “Many greetings… ” on the postcard.

Omg, I just love cupcakes! What more if it’s chocolate with icing on top sprinkled with ‘sprinkles’ (yeah, the colorful and tiny candies). Mmmmm…… yummeyyy!

This card came from Katie and I just love it! The photo was taken by Martin Parr and it’s entitled “Love”. It has a very ‘love’y theme, written neatly with a pink pen, and it has cute heart stickers. But what really made this card fantastic was Katie’s first love story, something that made me laugh for several seconds. Well, I won’t reveal what she wrote. But in modern times like this, you can be quite sure that only a ruler stick remains straight. ^^


I thought the US issues the same stamps over and over again. Glad to see a variety of stamps on this postcard, thank you Katie! (ilove2smile) The new ones are: the Navajo Jewelry (native American style), the man running while carrying a huge heart!, and the purple flowers with LOVE for a caption.


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