PC #103: Avenue de Clichy: An art card from the USA

The card’s from the US but the painting was a masterpiece of French Louis Anquetin (1861-1932). He (the painter) made his art work, entitled Avenue de Clichy, when he was 26! He used oil and paper laid on canvas. What more, Anquetin was a friend of Vincent van Gogh and other big names in the world of art. Amazing!

Uconn wrote this art card can be found in a museum near to where he lives, and has checked out the museum a lot of times! Well, I love museums… but only when the entrance’s for free! ^^

Avenue de Clichy by Louis Anquetin

Look here, the sender used three nice stamps.. the ‘usual’ American clock, one with leaves and a butterfly and flower, and an interesting Animal Rescue stamp! I just volunteered at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Free Spay/Neuter program last Saturday. And I saw lots of cute ‘pet-able’ dogs and cats! I paricularly like Sax, a blue eyed cat. Anyway, here are the stamps and thank you, Jim!


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