PC #106: Protestant Cadet Chapel Organ – USA

Themed Messages RR- The RR for people who love to write more than just “Many greetings… ” on the postcard.

Lori wrote very funny chidlhood ‘first love’ memory. I can barely remember my crushes when I was in grade school.. Lori can remember hers when she was in Kindergarten! My.. what a lovely picture of two little kids holding hands and giving toys to each other on Valentines. Lori’s a certified cat-lover–she married her cat when she was 4! ^^

And oh, about the card.. it shows the Protestant Cadet Chapel Organ. It’s pretty similar to our very own Las Pinas bamboo organ (although ours I think is more unique because it’s made of bamboo). I’m a Roman Catholic. Thanks, Lori!

Protestant Cadet Chapel Organ

Lori surprised me with lots of stamps! Yey! The first one is very interesting.. a stamp commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the printing of the first book, the Holy Bible, from movable type, by Johann Gutenberg. It was followed by two nice stamps: a stamp of the Overland Mail, and a stamp of purple flowers with LOVE for a title. And lastly, two wonderful stamps of the Early electric street car (1886), and the Bunker Hill (a hill where an important war during the American Revolution took place).  ^^


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