PC #108: It’s raining in Germany!

Ach.. I love this postcard! ^^

Verena surprised me with this pretty card of girls walking in the rain! It’s so timely, it just rained (well, so hard..) today! I watched Macbeth at the theather and it was so inconvenient that the rain’s pouring so hard. But anyway, I’m glad it’s nearly spring in Deutschland. Verena even drew her pretty and new pink-and-bluegreen boots! Yay, I wish I could wear boots here.. it’s not so common for a tropical country like the Philippines. And so I settle myself with slippers, and rubber shoes, and sandals.

And Verena taught me a new word – amelioration. Well, the dictionary says it’s something upgrading.. like when something negative becomes positive in an instant! And for my friend, it’s seeing rain instead of snow that caused amelioration for that day. Thanks, Verena!

It's raining in Germany!

Time to shine, German flower stamps! It’s spring! But for us, it’s summer. Happy Fire Month! ^^ Ballonblume ~ bell flower.




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