PC #112: Altes Rathouse, Bamberg – Germany

Themed Messages RR- The RR for people who love to write more than just “Many greetings… ” on the postcard.

The region of Bamberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany which is one of the few cities not destroyed during World War II, was identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main reason why it was not destroyed, according to articles, was because of a nearby Artillery Factory preventing war planes from getting near. The postcard shows the Old City Hall.

Let’s take a peek at the message on the back.. Apperveilchen wrote about the excitement she felt when she had her first love. As for me, although “love has a totally different context and different demands now”, it is still fascinating to think of secret love interests, meeting “behind the bushes” in secret, especially when you got friends  to back you up during those crazy moments. Makes me remember the Thai film “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Well, it’s for you to find out what the film is all about! Thanks, Apperveilchen!


Cool stamps of a 1734 (?) half-timbered building in Germany, and the Tagetes (marigold?) ^^


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