PC #113: Zauberhaftes Leipzig – Germany

Indeed, the city looks very inviting and magical to me! The card shows some views of the fair city of Leipzig, the largest city in the federal state of Saxony in Deutschland. There’s the Naschmarkt (the famous Viennese market), the Altes Rathaus and the Neues Rathaus (Old and New City Hall), the Gohliser Schlösschen (Gohlis Palace, a Late Baroque architectural monument), the Thomaskirche (Thomas Church, where the tomb of famous musician Johann Sebastian Bach’s lies), the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Monument to the Battle of the Nations), the Augustusplatz, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht (Supreme Administrative Court, errr.. such long German word/s), and the Nikolaikirche (Nikolai Church). ^^ I love it when I need to find the meaning of foreign words and to look for additional info.

Anyway, the card’s from my friend, Nora. I envy her for living in a city as magical as Leipzig. (But I love Manila, too, with all its flaws and aspirations. If only we were not colo…) And wow, such a small number of inhabitants according to my friend — 500,000! Manila has 1.67 million. Lol. ^^ Vielen Dank, Nora!

The magical city of Leipzig ^^

The ever famous Ballonblume (bell flower) stamp:


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