PC #115: Lappeen kirkko (Lapee’s Church) – Finland

Here’s the second post card my friend Minna sent me.. the snow-covered Church of Maria/Lapee. The Church is located in the middle of Lapeenranta, and is surrounded by a park and a cemetery for soldiers who died a hundred years ago. Minna said she walks through the beautiful snow-covered park every morning on her way to school, and that the sun rises around 8 or 9AM. Really? It’s a bit late… the sun rises around 6-7AM here in the Philippines.

-17 degrees Celsius really sounds freezing cold. It’s 24-30 degrees Celsius here in Manila, and summer’s fast approaching! May is the hottest month. ^^

Lappeen kirkko (Lapee's Church/ Maria's Church)

I envy Minna for having lots of stamps to choose from! The post office near me always offer the same kind of stamps: that of Philippine sea animals. Very rare do they sell newly-issued stamps and commemorative stamps. Umph. Anyway, thank you Minna for choosing these wonderful stamps for me, in cute colors and shapes. I particularly like the one with the owl. Minna thoughtfully enclosed a stamp from Malta as well. ^^


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