PC #131: City of Wolverhampton’s Market Square – England

Who doesn’t love shopping? I do love to go to markets even if I don’t have too much money. ^^ The card shows the bustling Market Square of the City of Wolverhampton. Interesting origin of the city’s name. A certain Lady Wulfrun founded the city in 985 and was named after her. (From the Anglo-Saxon Wulfrūnehēantūn, meaning “Wulfrūn’s high or principal enclosure or farm”) People from the city are known as Wulfrunians. ^^

Another interesting thing is the city’s motto: “Out of darkness, cometh life.” Indeed, things come in pairs.

Thanks, Anu, for sharing me this postcard. Hope you’ll be able to buy good herbs from the market that you can grow on your windowsill this spring! ^^

Maket Square, City of Wolverhampton

The royal stamps plus a pretty smiling face painted with a butterfly!


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