PC #139: The Great Wall of China

I hope this Google translate is accurate, 我爱中国 (Wǒ ài zhōngguó), but really, I love China! I love China even more! I used to have so many questions as to why Chinese lucky charms are so popular in the market, etc, but after visiting Manila China Town and having Chinese friends (even thru postcards), I sort of understand the diversity even better.

Moving on, thanks to Ceci, my postcard pal, for sharing this astounding card of the Great Wall of China, which, as we all know, was built to protect the country from the invading Huns. (I love Mulan!)

Btw, shame on Alexandra Wallace of UCLA for being a racist and for saying nasty things against Asian culture. I love my FAMILY, and tsunamis are dreadful. Asian languages ARE great! And I find Western people willing and trying to learn Asian languages superb! So Wallace, ching chong ling long ting tong and please learn your lesson. You’re welcome to visit Asia, by the way! Lastly, whenever I hear the word “American”, I think of mixed races–Asian Americans, African Americans, etc, not just white people like you. And oh, when it comes to the “real American”, I think of Pocahontas. Learn your history, baby, before your PolSci theories. Peace on earth! ^^

The Great Wall

Amazing stamps of the Beijing Olympic Games! Hsieh-hsieh, Ceci! ^^


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