PC #140: Baiquan at Hui County – China

Asia meets the World RR

An awesome view sent by chhx0920. It was hard to find some data regarding the postcard, and there’s very little message from the sender. But seeing the view made me say ‘Wow, it’s so romantic’.

I wish I could read Chinese, haha, at least read Chinese.. and write. Thanks, chhx0920!

Baiquan at Hui County

Speaking of China, three Filipinos are scheduled to be put to death on the 30th of March because of drug trafficking. I’m a Catholic and against death penalty. But really, if China could take away the life of all crime suspects irregardless of nationality, I’d suggest that the Philippines should implement death penalty as well for serious crime doers. Imagine the number of ‘foreign’ people who’ll get killed. Many Africans and Chinese are caught drug trafficking here as well, but they only get slight punishment as compared to death penalty.

In the first place, where do Filipino drug traffickers get the illegal drugs? Absolutely not from here but from other parts of the globe.

Anyways, here’s the stamp. Sorry, I lost my happy mood.


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