PC #151: Sushi card from Japan

Aaah.. this card makes me hungry. My friend Momoko sent me this rounded card of the most popular Japanese dish–the sushi. Of the different kinds of sushi, I’ve only tasted the norimaki or sushi rice with seafood rolled in dried seaweed sheets called nori. I think norimaki is pretty similar with the Korean kimbap? Oh well, kimbap, they say, is sushi Korean-version.

A little history: sushi first referred to pickled fish conserved in vinegar. In modern times, it refers to rice prepared with sushi vinegar. Yum!

I learned something new about the Japanese culture. On Valentines, it’s the women who give flowers and chocolates to men. And on the 14th of March called the White Day, it’s the boys’ turn to please the girls. Arigatou gozaimasu, Momoko! ^^

Japanese sushi

Interesting stamps used. There’s a bird, a beetle feeding on a yellow flower, and a Japanese guy (who really looks like a sumo wrestler to me) holding a bow. Seems like a Japanese favorite sport. ^^


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