PC #166: Pandas from China

Oh, such lovely, adorable creatures. I haven’t seen pandas in real life. I hope I’ll be able to see them someday. This type of bear lives in China, and Li (lishamb), the sender, wrote that it symbolizes the province of Chengdu and the whole of China.

China is known as the sleeping giant. Well, I just hope they won’t turn out to be a giant bully. I’ve said this with regards to the Spratly Islands, or locally known in the Philippines as the Kalayaan group of islands. Geographically, it is nearest Palawan, which is part of the Philippines. I’ve no idea why they’re claiming the whole of Spratly. Anyways, here’s a link to the latest news on Spratly Islands: Philippines protests China’s Spratly claim at UN. Just my two cents.

Thanks to Li for sending me this (metered) card:



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