Keychain #2: Chili from Bicol, Philippines

I ♥ books! I worked as a student assistant for a year at the College of Education, University of the Philippines for a year and I enjoyed every minute of it! Sadly, I had to quit so I could start teaching.

Well, when I was still in the library, I helped a thesis user in her research. The next week, she came back and gave me this key chain. She said it’s from her hometown in Bicol, known for the spicy Bicol Express. It’s a thank you gift, from someone who works at the Department of Education.

Here’s Bicol’s location in the Philippine map (Thanks to Wikipedia):

As for Bicol Express, it’s pork strips or cubes cooked in coconut milk with lots of chilies! Some people likes it with shrimp paste. I say it’s very hot, spicy hot, but really yummmey! Perfect with rice, of course.

And here’s the keychain. One of my favorites.


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