PC #170: The Mast-Tree Grove (by Ivan Shishkin) from Russia

I’m definitely a HUGE fan of art. This card shows a masterpiece by Russian landscape painter, Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898). It’s entitled The Mast-Tree Grove, a depiction of Russian nature. Shishkin is really great, if I may say, being able to capture such a scenery.

I really prefer realism over the abstract form of art. I do appreciate every work of art, but honestly, how a dot becomes art is beyond my grasp.

Alina sent the card during the time Russia was celebrating the Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week. It’s a religious and folk holiday. It’s quite interesting how a holiday becomes a mixture of pagan and Christian origin. The Pancake Week is both a sun festival and a celebration of Great Lent, when Christians are prohibited to eat meat.

The Mast-Tree Grove (1898) by Ivan Shishkin. Oil on canvas. 165x252 cm.

Russian animals on stamps:

Interesting sticker of a Russian doll, a babushka if I’m not mistaken. Thanks Alina!


3 responses to “PC #170: The Mast-Tree Grove (by Ivan Shishkin) from Russia

  1. Yay, thanks for the info! According to the Wikipedia article, it’s also called a babushka doll. *ggg* Thanks for dropping by and happy Postcrossing!;-)

    • I know 🙂
      But for me it just sounded funny, as I think to much in picutres x) So I thought about a babushka (grandmother) stacked into each other *g*
      Best wishes ^- ^

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