PC #185: A lovely rose from Germany

Have you ever asked your parents why they name you ‘this’ or ‘that’? Well, I had. I’m so fond of names, naming things. It was my dad’s aunt who suggested the name Maerose. Well, I should be thankful for my parents said they will have me named Girlie if not for that aunt. Yay!

As for the meaning, I researched a bit but found nothing irrelevant to my name. It’s very Western, a combination of Mae and Rose, a variation of May Rose. Webster’s Dictionary says Maeve means “intoxicating” and Rose, well, is the name of the flower. Maeve is the name closest to Mae, so from the moment I read about that, I took the meaning intoxicating rose. Cool, noh?

But someone from Egypt said his friend told him my name means spring rose. I was born in May when flowers are in full bloom, you know. Anyways, it was Shakespeare who mused,

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

So, no big deal. And oh, my name is pronounced as [meɪrz]. 🙂 Well, my pen friend Steffi (catty412) sent me this really nice card of a rose. She said this card reminded her of me.

Interesting stamps of the 300 Jahre Porzellanherstellung in Deutshland and the Tagetes. Danke schön, Steffi! I love it!


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