PC #186: Loro Jonggrang temple, Indonesia

Asia is one rich pot of cultural heritage. One day, I will find myself staring at the temples and shrines built centuries ago. That’s one dream I will always have for myself. 🙂

But for now, I will satisfy myself with postcards from my dear Asian friends. Here’s one from Sekar: the 9th-century old Loro Jonggrang temple in Prambanan, Central Java. It’s a complex of 200 temples built for the Shiva Hindu people. Myth has it that there was once a girl named Loro Jonggrang, daughter of the giant king Ratu Baka. She was tasked to marry Bandung Bandawasa, a noble man. The princess never wanted to marry the guy. So her father ordered Bandung Bandawasa to build 1000 temples in one night in preparation for the wedding.

Bandung Bandawasa asked the help of genies to build the temples. But when they were about to put up the last one, the princess and her servants made the sound of cooking. The genies thought it was already morning so they fled away. Bandung Bandawasa was very mad she cursed the princess into the 1000th temple. The largest among the temples, the Shiva temple, contains a Durga/God of Destruction, believed to be the body of Loro Jonggrang.

Interesting myth, noh? I prefer it more than the actual story written by historians. Hehe. Wikipedia offers the whole version of the legend plus an interpretation: Loro Jonggrang.

“Wow! What a nice penmanship!” my 12-year old little sister said when she saw Sekar’s hand writing. 🙂

Loro Jonggrang temple

Very nice stamps of Gulai Iga Kemba’ang (it really looks yummey!) and the Hanoman (White Monkey Warrior god of Hindu Bali legend). Thanks so much, Sekar! ♥


One response to “PC #186: Loro Jonggrang temple, Indonesia

  1. I just received your 2nd card this morning and I’m getting a bit worried that you said haven’t received mine yet. But now I’m very relieved after reading this post, hehehe.. 😀


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