PC #191: Exhibition of Contemporary Ex-Libris Collection, Taiwan

Here’s a huge ad card from WY. It’s about an exhibition of contemporary Ex-Libris collection entitled Butterflies in the Books. I’m a certified bookworm but I haven’t heard of events such as this. Additional info below by Pan Ching-Lin. It’s also the caption printed on the card.

“Ex-libris” means “My collection” or “My library” in Latin. They are in fact small size of prints. Ex-libris was created primarily and traditionally to declare ownership. Since the first ex-libris appeared in 15th century German church and monasteries, this small decorative art print has been passed down for over 500 hundred years. Developed up till today, the relationship between the books and ex-libris has grown distant. The small cards of ex-libris have now evolved into independent works of art. In the Butterflies in the Books- Exhibition of Contemporary Ex-Libris Collection, the various creative techniques of prints and the artist’s passion for ex-libris have been fully expressed. You will also see the seriousness and stringent attitude of the collectors and their contribution to the art of ex-libris.

In short, ex-libris is a bookplate. 🙂


A longhorn beetle for a stamp. Thanks, WY!


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