PC #194: Nice heart buttons from England

Here comes a very nice card of cute and colorful heart buttons from my friend, Anu. I see, most of my friends are getting engaged or married to the love of their lives. I’m 100% happy for them. I just read Plato’s Symposium and well, it’s quite a good read. It tackles love, its definition, its nature. If I would find myself with someone someday, it’ll be for true beauty. (Socrates and I understand each other on this *wink*)

Ah, here’s a juicy quote for you:

“Love is good at all aspects of creativity in the field of education, because you can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t teach what you don’t know.”

Cute heart buttons ♥

Two years ago, I got bored. So I went to UP Shopping Center and bought a DVD of King Lear. It’s an English play, a tragedy, written by, of course, Master William Shakespeare in the 1600s. Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch the entire play. *Zzzzzz…* But I’m still inlove with Shakespeare, too bad his King Lear wasn’t performed well on that film.

Ah, here’s a wonderful stamp related to King Lear. Thanks so much, Anu, and I wish you all the best!



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