PC #195: Socks, Pres. Bill Clinton’s cat, from the USA

This cute little card is so timely, I just watched Garfield I and II with my sister. I’m not very fond of pets now, as I don’t have much time. But I do remember the time when I liked them so much. I used to have a cat named “Pussy Cat”, lol, very creative. But he got lost when I was 7. No more cat pets after that. And I don’t have the liking for dogs. In fact, I hate dogs. If you want to know why, PM me.. it’s a long story. 😉

Anyways, this is Socks, former USA President Bill Clinton’s cat. Taylor wrote this cat is very famous in America, he lived in the White House in Washington, D.C. Sadly, Socks died last year.


This Socks really reminds me of another Socks, a cat I met when I volunteered (for a day) at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) last March. Hm.. they look alike, except that the Socks I met is blue-eyed and has a pink nose. Oh, have a look at Socks of PAWS:

He’s looking for responsible owners. I wish I have the time and resources to take him in. 😦    Anyways, thanks for the card, Taylor, and regards to Minou.^^


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