PC #202: Lingen an der Ems – Germany

Welcome to Lingen, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. According to Wikipedia, Lingen is recently known for its offshore- and nuclear industry, or nuclear power plants, and the beautiful nature alongside the river Ems. Nuclear power plants? OMG. We don’t have any nuclear plants here in PH, except for the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant which was never fueled due to several issues. People just won’t let the government to operate such plant. Anyways, I heard it’ll be turned into a tourist attraction.

As for Germany, a friend told me nuclear power plants produce roughly one-third of their electricity. However, as always, the use of nuclear energy is a critical topic. Specially now that Japan faced a nuclear crisis, an aftermath of the devastating tsunami last March.

Anyways, here’s Lingen again, it’s Markt, Markt mit historischem Rathaus, and Alte Posthalterei. Thanks, Tami!

Lingen an der Ems

UNESCO site of Regensburg for a stamp:


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