PC #208-210: Russian cuisine: pelmeni/Yuri Gagarin/Village on the Seine by A. Sisley from Russia

Three awesome cards from my dear Russian friend, Irena! 🙂

1.) Yummy pelmeni, or dumplings. It’s a national cuisine consisting of a filling wrapped in thin unleavened dough topped with sour cream. Ach, it really makes me hungry!


Pretty Russian stamps:

2.) It’s really thoughtful of my friend to send me this card featuring Yuri Gagarin, “the first cosmonaut of the planet who fulfilled the age-old dream of Mankind about flight to space. On April 12th, 1961 spacecraft Vostok with Yuri Gagarin on the board made one Earth orbit and successfully landed. The era of manned space flight has begun.” This card is a commemoration of 50 years since the first human space flight. I love it, thanks so much, Irena!

Yuri Gagarin

Oh, I just love these Russian stamps:

3.) And the last but will never be the least is a card Irena wrote on my birthday. It features a piece of art painted by Alfred Sisley (1839-1899), a French-born English impressionist landscape painter. I really love art cards! And this one is really nice, so impressionistic it makes me think I’ve been to the place before.

Village on the Seine (1872) by Alfred Sisley. Oil on canvas. 59 x 80.5 cm.

Stamps include another piece of art. Ach, I’m dying to read Russian! I really want to learn now. >.<

Edit: The painting on the stamp is Vasily Perov’s Teatime in Mytischi near Moscow. 1862. Oil on canvas. The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Thank you, Irena 😉

Thank you very much for the cards, Irena! I enjoyed them all especially the messages. 😉


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