PC #214-215: Jalan Thamrin/ National Museum Knoun, Jakarta – Indonesia

Here comes two awesome cards from my Indonesian friend, Sekar. I really like her penmanship, so neat and nice. 🙂

1.) Jakarta’s Jalan Thamrin is the capital’s main thoroughfare, lined with hotels, shopping complexes and office blocks. Sekar wrote this photo was taken maybe two decades ago as it doesn’t look like the modernized one with skyscrapers and the like. However, this card is nice because the building where my friend works is visible. It really looks like one of the busy roads in Manila.

Jakarta's Jalan Thamrin

Stamps show Presiden RI Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Wakil Presiden RI Prof. Dr. Boediono.

2.) The National Museum Knoun in Jakarta is also known as the ‘elephant museum’ because of the Asian elephant sculpture situated in front of the museum. It dates back to colonial times. The museum houses one of the most surprising collection of artefacts in South East Asia.

National Museum Knoun ('elephant museum')

Sekar used a variety of stamps which I liked very much. There’s the Year of the Rabbit commemorative stamps, Greeting stamp issued in 2001, and of the Jaya Raya issued last year.

Thank you Sekar. You made me really happy! I hope you all the happiness as well in everything that you do. Cheers to that! 😉




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