PC #219: Cute child from the Netherlands

I’ve been to lots of fund raising activities since grade school. I remember the Matchmakers booth we put up during our Foundation Day in high school. Well, we earned an ample amount which we planned to use for the English Camp. In college, what we usually do is sell tickets for this and that event, or hold events where participants will have to pay a registration fee. Grade school… well, what I remember are postage stamps and shows and raffle tickets. It’s kinda blurry.. but anyways.

Yvon sent me this lovely card, an ‘oldy’ according to her. Students need to sell this type of postcards to help raise school funds. They do it annually and pupils oftentimes compete for the title of who has sold the most number of cards. Indeed a sweet childhood memory, especially that the card is this cute.

Lovely stamps used, including a UNICEF 1946/96 issue. Thanks, Yvon!


3 responses to “PC #219: Cute child from the Netherlands

  1. Maerose!! over, andami mong postcards! mukhang kasalanan ko ata na naadik ka sa *magastos pero masayang* hobby na to 🙂 Goodluck on your last semester! gogo!

  2. Thanks Ate Jill! Oo nga, magastos. buti nalang hindi ako nawawalan ng sideline. ^^ Salamat! Yay, di ako makacomment sa blog mo.. dapat yata may account ako dun or something. 😦 Thanks ulit! 🙂

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