PC #220: Ostfriesland map – Germany

Ooh.. I love this card! A wonderful map card of Ostfriesland or East Frisia,  a coastal region in the northwest of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. Interestingly, the northern part of Germany is called the Lower Saxony despite its location. My German 10 prof said it has something to do with the land form, also known as the North German Plains, so it’s Lower. As for the south, it has highlands so.. it’s Upper. *kkk* I hope I remembered that right.

Sabine (interesting name)/bini2010 sent me this card. She lives near the North Sea and enjoys walking by the sea no matter what the weather is. Danke schön, Sabine!

Ostfriesland/ East Friesland/ East Frisia

The ballonblume flower for a stamp:

2 responses to “PC #220: Ostfriesland map – Germany

  1. The map postcard is really neat. I would love to have one. So far, I’m collecting 50 states map card. I wish to get from other countries at Postcrossing.
    Have a nice day!

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