PC #222: What You Like lottery – Kaunas, Lt from the UK

I say this lottery hosted by Rasa (lesera) is a huge one. *ggg* Three winners receive a handmade card each, another three 10 used British stamps, and five a postcard each. I’m one of the lucky 5 to receive a postcard from Rasa. Yay! 😉

The prize was sent in an envelope and includes a Lithuanian card of Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania located at the confluence of the two largest rivers in Lithuania (the Nemunas and the Neris) and near the Kaunas Reservoir, the largest body of water in all of Lithuania; a small card that contains her message; and a tag card. So happy to have won!

On the card are the following: Fountains in Freedom Avenue, General Post Office, Monument to J. Maciulis-Maironis, Palace of “Milk Centre”.

Kaunas, Lithuania


Rasa is a Lithuanian living in the UK. Many thanks, Rasa, and congratulations much on your new baby! He looks really adorable on your profile. 😉


2 responses to “PC #222: What You Like lottery – Kaunas, Lt from the UK

  1. Wow! You are so lucky! I wish I will win too but I don’t know where to join. I think I’m not lucky with lotteries.

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