PC #226: Virginia, USA

Wonderful map card from Yasmeen 🙂 It shows Virginia, the Old Dominion State, also known as the “Mother of Presidents” after eight US Presidents were born there. Virginia is located at the Atlantic Coast of southern USA. Well, I’ll forever know the song Take Me Home, Country Roads recorded by John Denver, and that’s one thing that comes to mind whenever I hear “Virginia”.

Take me home, country road, to a place where I belong… West Virginia, mountain mommah, take me home, country road…

I actually talked to someone from there who said Countryroad is their national anthem *ggg* Anyways, the card is awesome in such a way that it shows not only the geography of Virginia but also its state animal (the foxhound), state bird (the cardinal), state butterfly (the tiger swallowtail), state fish (the brook trout), and state flower (the dogwood).

As for the Philippines, we have the water buffalo/carabao/kalabaw as our state animal. State bird is the Philippine Eagle/Haring Ibon. State fish is the milk fish/bangus. And state flower is the fragrant sampaguita. Do we have a state butterfly? I’m quite sure we don’t.

Virginia, USA

Additional facts from Yas: Virginia was the 10th state to join theh US and the first US President (George Washington) lived there.

Many thanks Yasmeen! I enjoyed what you wrote me. 🙂



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