PC #230: Frauenkirche in Dresden – Germany

The magnificent Frauenkirche Dresden, or Church of our Lady, is a Lutheran Church in Dresden, Eastern Germany. My friend Friederike sent this card and she wrote, “The church … was destroyed during WWII and built up again as a symbol for peace.”

Interestingly, an Anglican Evensong in English is held in the Church once a month.

So here’s Frauenkirche Dresden by night:

Frauenkirche Dresden bei Nacht

Oh, the moon on the image makes me remember the Total Lunar Eclipse thingy on Google’s homepage yesterday. I was about to look up for the meaning of something, but after watching the Lunar Eclipse, I’ve sort of forgotten the word.

Anyways, once there was a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Dresden, the Elbe Valley, but then it was delisted in 2009.

Nice stamps used:

Vielen Dank, Friederike! 🙂


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