PC #238: Just Because lottery: Lali card from Germany

Ach, this is one of the best cards I ever received! I love this one, a Lali Riddle/Puzzle Card. Julia (Jujak) from Germany generously hosted this awesome lottery where winners could pick the card of their choice. I was so intrigued by the lali card, and now that I have it, my, such a nice feeling!

Especially that the riddle says, Finde heraus wie du mein Herz öffnen kannst. (Find out how you can open my heart). Can you find the key to my heart? says the bear. *ggg* ‘Course I was able to find it. Can you?

Lali Card

I tried hard to find some info about the lali cards, but to no avail. It doesn’t matter, I love lali cards now. The puzzle is a little tricky, but no worry. You can always scratch off the Solution part on the back. 😉

And Julia shared a nice German quotation: “Es gibt kaum ein beglückenderes Gefühl als zu spüren, dass man für andere Menschen etwas sein kann It’s from Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), a German Lutheran pastor, theologian and martyr. The quotation says there’s hardly any other complete sense of delight than the feeling that you can be something for others. 🙂

OMG, and the awesome card comes with awesome stamps of the Tagetes flower and Pope Benedict XVI. Danke, danke schön, Julia!!


3 responses to “PC #238: Just Because lottery: Lali card from Germany

  1. You’re welcome, Maerose! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it so much.

    I’m not sure if this is the information you’re looking for, but Lali cards are produces by Editions des Correspondances, a French company. It’s the same one that prints Limoon, by the way. According to their website (http://www.correspondances.com/carterie/carte-10,5x15cm-lali-p1a4l.html), they are available in French, German and Swedish. Plus, I’ve recently seen someone offer a Dutch one for trade.

  2. wow! love it Eros..anyway..actice na rin ako sa Postcrossing forum..I join 3 RR there ang tag 21 person already from diffrent tag theme..but mostly churches, temples and cathedrals..Sana lang eh ipadala nga nila no..hahaha..sked to send those 21 tag next week..

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