PC #239: Guangzhou – China

An interesting card from Ceci. It shows the site where Dr. Sun yat-sen delivered the Speech of Three People’s principles. The Three Principles of the People, also known as the San-min Doctrine, is a political philosophy comprising of the Principle of Mínzú (民族主義, Mínzú Zhǔyì) or nationalism, Principle of Mínquán (民權主義, Mínquán Zhǔyì) or democracy, and the Principle of Mínshēng (民生主義, Mínshēng Zhǔyì) or people’s welfare and livelihood. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) was a Chinese doctor, revolutionary and political leader. He is referred to as the Founding Father of the Republican China. (Source: http://www.en.wikipedia.org)

Site where Dr. Sun Yat-sen delievered the Speech of Three People's Principles / Guangzhou

I’d also love to share the awesome Chinese New Year envelope, the lovely Chinese stamps and the paper cut-outs thoughtfully sent by Ceci. Hsieh hsieh, maraming salamat, Ceci! 🙂

Would love to learn the cut-outs as well!! And here are the lovely Chinese stamps used:


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