PC #245: Yummy barbecue from Finland

OMG, Outi (outokoo) sent me this yummy barbecue postcard. I wasn’t expecting to get a Thank You card from her so I’m really surprised. Thank you, Outi!

It’s raining cats and dogs again and I need to go to my tutee this afternoon. Ach, I hate this time of the year. I hope to go to a picnic where I could grill some oh delectable pork chop, barbecue and sausages! And dance in the sun! *daydreams* or *raindreams* rather. *ggg*


I really love this hobby. I am learning a lot!!! And now I’m dying to go to Finland and swim in its hundreds of  lakes! How sad it is that my hometown province surrounds the largest lake in the country (Laguna de Bay) but it is covered with thousands of FISH PENS (utang na loob), there’s no way one can swim in it. Oh, before I forget, here’s the card I sent to Outi. It’s of the Tappia Waterfalls in Batad, Ifugao. 🙂


Thanks again, Outi! All the best to your new cottage by the lake. Lovely stamp from Finland (as always) used:



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