PC #249: A B&W card from the Netherlands

OMGmazing! I love this Black and White card of a kid sitting on a football. Lovely isn’t it? I’m not really a huge fan of sports but it won’t hurt to do a little article on a budding sport here in PH–> Football.

Because Filipinos are not naturally tall and big, we’re not into sports that Westerners play.. well, that was before. Basketball is like a national game here. And eventually, football has entered the scene as well. It all started when the national football team (Azkals) qualified for the 2010 AFP Suzuki Cup, beating defending champion Vietnam. But well, we lost to Indonesia in the semifinals. The team’s popularity continues to surge and recently, WE made our very first victory in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in a game against Sri Lanka.

Got no issues with Azkals, but, oh well, most of it’s members are not pure-blooded Filipinos. Anyway, they’re trying to embrace the Filipino culture and they’re making us so proud, so, yeah, I guess everything’s fine.

Thanks to Anita for sending me the card. She’s absolutely right — the card is a mix of romance, love, art, and kids. Anita’s so lucky for having a boyfriend who’s a superb cook. 🙂

Nice stamp used:



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