PC #251-252: Phnom Penh; Angkor – Cambodia

My first two cards from the Kingdom of Cambodia! Thanks to Ms. Cheerful 🙂

1.) Phnom Penh – Here’s a multiview card of the capital city. It features the Royal Palace, the Center Market, the Independence Monument, the National Museum, and the Wat Phnom. The sender wrote a very helpful information about the city. “The sights of Phnom Penh are largely historical and cultural, unique dining, a bit of night life spar complete the Phnom penh experience. Popular city sights include the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, the National Museum, Central Market, Wat Phnom and the Independence Monument! Also the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields (These two are very interesting!) and the famous Russian market!” Ate Cheerful also wrote about the riverside area where lots of restaurants can be found. River cruise ride and sunset viewing sounds like a terrific idea!

Phnom Penh came from the phrase Wat Phnom (or Hill Temple). According to legend, an old nun named Lady Penh found four bronze and one Buddha statue inside a Koki tree which was floating along the River Mekong in 1372. She took the items and asked the people to help her build the Hill Temple and she named it after herself: Wat Phnom Daun Penh. 🙂 The city was nicknamed the “Pearl of Asia” in the past.

Phnom Penh

The stamp used on this postcard features the awesome Royal Palace:

2.) Angkor Wat and Bayon –  Ate Cheerful also shared this nice card showing the ‘must-see temples in Cambodia’. She wrote, “They (the two temples) are both mystically, visually and architecturally breathtaking! Angkor Wat is a massive 3 tiered pyramid crowned by 5 lotus-like tower rising 65m from ground level, it is surrounded by moat and a wall (exterior). While Bayon Temple is a giant stone faces of Bayon, there are 37 standing towers most but not all sporting 4 carved faces oriented toward the cardinal points. Bayon have become one of the most recognizable images connected to classic Khmer art and architecture!”  The Angkor, of course, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very inviting place Cambodia is! Would love to see these temples for real someday.

Angkor Wat and Bayon Temples

The stamp used features the Tian An Men Rostrum. Thank you so much, Ate Cheerful! I really enjoyed your cards. 🙂


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