PC #257: Lake Onogawa – Japan

The wonderful image of the foggy lake makes it so mysterious to look at, as most of Japan’s culture and sites. Ate Clarissa sent this card all the way from Fukushima, which I hope is in good condition now after the nuclear crisis brought about by the devastating tsunami last March. She wrote an interesting info about the lake:

“Goshikinuma Bandai is one of the famous tourist spots here in Fukushima and the swamps are a series of small lakes colored various shades of blue and green by mineral deposits.” Must be awesome to witness the beautiful colors of it! Aside from the ‘mysticality’ of the lake, I’m really curious how romantic it could get to spend a moment there with someone special. 🙂

Goshikinuma Bandai : Lake Onogawa

Arigatou gozaimasu, Ate Clarissa, for the nice card and the wonderful stamps! I especially liked the Hello Kitty stamp, it’s so kawaii! Hello Kitty and Kero Kero Keroppi, both a creation of the Japanese company Sanrio, are awesome part of my childhood. Btw, Hello Kitty (or Kitty White) has a twin sister named Mimmy. 😉


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