PC #259: Mulu National Park – Malaysia

Oh God, these past few days had been really exhausting.. physically and emotionally. Physically: Who would have thought ‘real’ classroom teaching could be so energy draining! Actually it’s fun, but the planning ruins everything. I get inadequate sleep and wherever I go, I think of strategies and activities, etc. BUT I’M NOT GIVING UP! This is my calling and I’m gonna live my dream! Aja aja! Emotionally: I’m inlove with someone virtual. And it’s so sad because we’ve been writing to each other for almost a year now but I don’t even know his full name. *hehe* If only he would read between the lines.. Well, I can’t expect anything. So yeah, it’d be better to just forget about him and move on!

So.. moving on, here’s a beautiful card from Aileen. It shows the UNESCO site of Mulu. She has sent me a similar card last time, but this image was taken from the inside of the cave so it gives another perspective. Also, it features the profile/silhouette of Abraham Lincoln at the entrance of the cave and some limestone formation in Wind Cave.

Mulu National Park

Familiar with the legend of the dragons who kidnapped maidens to trap them inside their caves? Hence the phrase ‘damsel in distress’. Yeah, I’m a damsel in distress.. been a victim of my own bow and arrow. Should’ve been more careful. *eroscries*

Thanks Aileen, thanks for the card, the wonderful stamp of the tram that rides up and down Penang Hill, and thank you that this article had been a very useful outlet. Cheers to our friendship!


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