PC #282: Lali card 2 from Germany

OMG, OMG! My second lali card! Danke schön to my dear friend, Tami, for sharing this über fantastic card. 😉

Hmm, I can relate to this card. ♥

Last time we were looking for the key to the bear’s heart. Now, we’re searching for a loveletter. Kannst du den Liebesbrief finden?  (Can you find the love letter?) I showed this card to my co-student teacher Kathe and yeah, she was able to find the love letter in no time. God, thank you for wonderful friends (like Kathe) who listens and understands most of my thoughts and feelings.

Love letter ♥

Beautiful stamps of the Tagetes flower and a commemorative stamp featuring the 600 Years of  the University of Leipzig:


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