PC #291: Teddy bears from Russia

Aw, my friend Alina is having a fantastic holiday in Prague right now! Awesome, I wish I could go out of the country as well. But of course to do that, I need to graduate and save, save, save first!

I find this card really adorable. It says Friends Forever. Really good to know you’ve got friends (oh fudge, someone just said he’s corresponding with me beacause he sees me as an educational tool, course not directly, and not really as a friend). Anyways, I am so used to walking and shopping and eating alone, so no problem. With or without people, I will survive. Yeah yeah..

Friends Forever

Awesome Russian stamps as always! Here’s the UNESCO site of the Western Caucasus, one of the large mountain areas in Europe untouched by man. Thanks, Alina! 😉


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