PC #296: The Resurrection Church in Crimea from Russia

Beautiful Church on a rock! This card was sent by my friend Irena. She bought it when she visited Crimea about two years ago. Here’s some useful info about it:

On a cliff over Foros stands the elegant Church of the Resurrection, built in 1892 to the design of N. M. Chagin. Four years earlier, Tsar Alexander III and his family had been returning to St Petersburg from Crimea when the train he was in was involved in a major rail crash. Most of the train was derailed, but the carriage carrying the Imperial family remained unscathed on the tracks. 

    The construction of the church was funded by a rich local tea merchant, A.G.Kuznetsov, in gratitude for to God for saving the Tsar and his family. The mosaics were made in the famous studio of Antonio Salviatti and the interior was painted by the well known artists K. Makovetsky, A. Kozukhin and N. Sverchkov. (http://sergoyalta.at.ua/load/tours_and_excursions/yalta_tour/foros_church_of_the_resurrection_on_the_rock/28-1-0-246) 😉

The Resurrection Church

Beautiful Russian stamps as always!


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