PC #299: Ukiyo-e from Japan

A very interesting card from Ms. Clarissa. It features Japanese ukiyo-e, a genre of wood block prints, or woodcuts, and paintings made between the 17th and 19th centuries. Motifs include landscapes, tales from history, the theatre and pleasure quarters. Ms. Clang wrote ukiyo means ‘life of citizens’ and ‘e’ means painting.

This Kabuki actor created by Toyokuni (1786-1864) is a good example of an ukiyo-e. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese dance-drama. 😉

Kabuki actor by Toyokuni (1786-1864)

Look here, fantastic stamps from Japan! I love them, both the Kabuki actor and the bee on a flower, plus the dancing Winnie the Pooh’s! Thanks, Ms. Clang! 😉


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