PC #311: “The Little Mole” from Germany

Glad my Supervising Teacher is letting me experience grade school as well. Those kids are really lovable! I can’t get enough of them 😉 But despite their very young age, they can speak their thoughts, and some may be even better than those in the higher levels. No I’m not comparing. *ggg* I love kids, both young and at heart.

And speaking of kids, here’s a pretty card from my dear friend Maria. It’s a cartoon character originally from Czechoslovakia, The Mole, or in German Der kleine Maulwurf (The Little Mole). Created by Zdenek Miler, the Mole first appeared in 1956 in Prague in a film called How the mole got his pants. It eventually became popular in many European countries.

Der kleine Maulwurf

I love this card much! 😉 And here’s the Bradenburger Gate in Berlin:


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