PC #312: Hello Kitty Postcard and Stamp Lottery

My second Hello Kitty postcard! And this time it’s from a lottery hosted by Little Flower from Japan. The lottery was about how to survive a hot and humid summer considering that there’s just a few day-offs. Actually that’s just an optional question; it was the host’s generosity and thoughtfulness that brought about this wonderful lottery. 😉

Seven winners were picked and I got the green Hello Kitty card wearing a Kabuki costume with matching green Hello Kitty stamp. And this was my answer to the optional question: “Drink plenty of fruit juices.. and climb some highlands or mountains if you have the time. You’ll feel refreshed once you’re on top” Short but straight to the point! Now I miss summer. *hehe*

Hello Kitty in Kabuki costume

You may read additional info on Hello Kitty here: https://postcardsgalore007.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/pc-270-hello-kitty-from-japan/

Little Flower wrote how she misses the Philippines since 2001, especially the taste of delicious mangoes and other dishes. Yay! Thank you so much, Rie! 😉


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