PC #313: The Saint-Michel Mount – France

Look at what we have here, my first postcard from France! And it’s special coz it came from a friend. *smiles* Aurelien bought this out of his fantastic vacation in Normandy and it shows multiple views of the tidal island of Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Interestingly, there are inhabitants in that little island. Well, I can’t still picture the island.. coz it’s tiny. Not that I’m not familiar with teeny weeny islands, as there are thousands here, but my, the Mount is just heavily covered with houses and some fortifications. It looks amazing!

The island draws its name from the Saint-Michel Monastery. 🙂

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

I believe France has lots of cave art. I wonder if my friend has visited any of that. Hmm.. Anyways, he thoughtfully put the card in an envelope, and here’s the (hiyaaah!) Judo championship stamp! Merci, my dear friend! ;0)

Isn’t his penmanship handsome? ;o)


2 responses to “PC #313: The Saint-Michel Mount – France

  1. Hello to all,

    Wow, how amazing is this postcard! So beautiful, so colored, so unique!
    Humm, what? this is mine? well… ok, and so what? I was objective, it is one of the best card of my friend’s blog!

    *Stop kidding*
    Im happy if it pleased you,
    Continue like that,

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