PC #321: Russian fairytale

Oh, I love fairytales. This card features an illustration of one of Russia’s well-loved stories, Repka (Turnip). The fairy tale is about a man who planted a turnip which eventually grew into a huge, huge turnip the man couldn’t pull it out! So he called his wife and they pulled together but nothing happened. So the wife called their grand daughter but still, they cannot pull the tunip out. So the girl called the dog, and the dog called the cat, and the cat called the mouse. Lol. Such a bubbly fairy tale. In the end, they were able to pull the turnip out. The fairy tale is famous for its lyricism it could pass as a tongue twister! Here’s a transliteration of the last line of Repka:

Myshka za koshku, koshka za Zhuchku, Zhuchka za vnuchku, vnuchka za babku, babka za dedku, dedka za repku, tyanut-potyanut–vytyanuli repku!

The Giant Turnip

The card is from Alena (crazysweetness). Beautiful stamps used:

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