PC #324: Heart-coffee from Germany

I love coffee very much! There was once a time late at night when I was about to sleep and all of a sudden, I craved for coffee! My, the richness.. the aroma.. Anyways, this card is from my friend, Lisa. 🙂

Just some random thoughts. I feel upset when the people I like seem to look down on me or on my country. The Philippines, despite its many natural wonders and its fun-loving (just look at the hundreds of festivals we have here) people, is an emerging economy. We do have slum areas in Manila and we are 101% striving to better our way of living. So it’ll really be nice if instead of making me feel small, instead of belittling me that I am a Filipina, it would be better to motivate me and.. just ‘hope’ with me for a brighter tomorrow. That’s all I ask. Well, every single soul wants to feel special, and everyday I let so many young souls feel special. Is it bad to hope that someday, someone or some people will make me feel special as well?



‘Tis my second square card from Germany. Oh, I love it! My friend thoughtfully designed my name using metallic pens. I felt special. 😉

And here is the UNESCO site of Altstadt Regensburg for a stamp:


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