PC #333: Oktoberfest – Germany

Fantastic view card of the world’s biggest fun fair!  If I am to narrow down what I know about Oktoberfest, I’d say it’s about having fun and drinking BEERS! It is held during the latter part of September up to the first week of Oktober, and the first fest was conducted to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxehildburghausen in 1810.

The celebration takes place in Munich, Bavaria. Since the ’50s, millions of people from all over the world travel to Germany to witness and engage themselves in the joyous festivity. I wonder how it’s like to be in a plce with so many drunken people. Haha! If beer is drunk in European countries as a ‘natural thing’, beer is drunk in PH to sort of divert people’s attention from their problems. Haven’t been to a pub still, and it’s funny why. Perhaps I should attend the local Oktoberfest here some time.


My friend Doris sent this card. She said she likes the fest more when she was still a child as it was ‘nicer’. Ach, my uncle Ivan will surely love to be in this fun fair. Lol.


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