PC #334: Court Hill and Main Street, Mass. – USA

And so, Miss Philippines ranked 3rd runner up in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shamcey Supsup is an alumna of my university and she’s a holder of my dream degree, Architecture. But it’s no longer my dream, I’m happy where I am now and if there’s one thing that I’d like to do, it’s to improve and enhance my teaching abilities. I want to be 100% ‘natural’ inside the classroom because I believe that a teacher can mold a student’s future. And I do want my students’ future to be bright! See how elegant Shamcey was during the pageant:


Anyways, this card is from Mike (meressy), a history teacher. It portrays the place during the 1900’s and it was recreated to celebrate Worcester Historical Museum’s 1998 exhibition and book of Worcester postcards.


The Grand Teton National Park for a stamp:


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